This home supports four children, ages 7-17 with complex mental/emotional/physical health issues. The goal is for children to participate in developing a long term support plan, and successfully implement the plan for up to 3 months, enabling them to successfully move into a lower level of care. The goal is that once they can successful implement their individualized support plan they will be able to remain in one place and belong to a community.

This program is designed to provide assessments that will allow for teaching positive skills that are effective in meeting the child’s needs. The outcome of this method will result in restructuring challenging behaviors and achieving appropriate skills or supports that the child needs and wants.   It is our belief that challenging behaviors meets the needs of the child.  By teaching more appropriate skills or identifying needed supports that enable the individual to meet his/her goals, as well as providing supports for their being successful, is integral to reducing the need of the child to display challenging behaviors.

Specialized Services

  • Any child must have an active case within the Regional Center system.
  • Having knowledge of what is important to each child
  • Setting up activities, schedules, services and supports with the child and making sure his/her preferences and choices are incorporated in decisions to the greatest extent possible.
  • Being able to listen effectively to the child
  • Having a strategy for setting up and conducting treatment team meetings that keeps the child at the center.
  • Efficiency in taking what is learned in the planning process about the child’s dreams and goals and translating them into action plans which will assist the child to work toward his/her desired future.
  • Basing services in a positive view.

This program is licensed through Community Care Licensing, Woodland Hills office, in addition, this program is vendored through Tri-Counties Regional Center.  All referrals to this program must go through Tri-Counties Regional Center – Atascadero Office.

12355 Hampton Court

Atascadero, CA 93422

Contact: (805) 461-4148