Lake House

Lake House

Program Philosophy

These licensed residential facilities are a cooperative effort between Turning Point of Central California, Inc. and Redwood Coast Regional Center. These therapeutic homes are available to clients eligible for Regional Center services who are between the ages of 7 and 17. Each home can serve up to 4 youth and has individual rooms for youth with intellectual disabilities and a co-occurring mental health diagnosis. They are designed for long term stabilization. The programs focus on positive reinforcement, social integration into the community, and an emphasis on teaching age appropriate life skills youth need to maximize independence as they reach young adult hood. Transition planning is key and on-going in order to support the youth as they reach adulthood to be successful in the “adult” environment they transition into. This will be coordinated with the Service Coordinator and family to occur when the youth turns 18 years of age.

Services Available in the homes include, but are not limited to:

Person-Centered Planning and Individual Support Plans: Each client served is an individual, with unique experiences, backgrounds, goals, education and circles of support. Our goal at Turning Point is to create a plan with the youth and their circle of support that bests supports them and will meet their needs tailored to their anticipated outcome of placement. In order to provide the youth served with the best outcome, Turning Point offers the following:

Ø  24-hour on site supervision

Ø  Behavior Specialist

Ø  Psychiatric Services

Ø  Mental Health Services

Ø  Medication Reviews

Ø  Positive Reinforcement

Ø  Enriched staffing to client ratio

Ø  Social skills, hygiene skills, independent living skills training

Ø  Integrative care approach


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