This program in Fresno assists individuals in administering their Social Security, Veteran’s benefits or private funds.

Turning Point Payee Services is dedicated to assisting people receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration and other public agencies. The program provides budgeting and bill-paying services, while maintaining the necessary compliance with the Social Security Administration and other public agency regulations. By naming Turning Point as their Payee, the individual receiving benefits is assured of professional assistance with personal budgeting and accurate payment of monthly expenses. The program ensures that cash benefits disbursed by the Social Security Administration and other public agencies are spent in the recipient’s best interests and fully accounted for.

1638 L St
Fresno, CA 93726
Phone: (559) 499-2683

Overview of Services

  • Personalized budget counseling
  • Direct bill payment
  • Weekly benefit payments
  • Computerized accounting of all funds
  • Monthly account reconciliation
  • Direct reporting to Social Security Administration
  • Referral services upon request*

* Referrals are made by the Social Security Administration, County case managers, and through self-referral.

Benefit to Recipients
Assistance in maintaining a monthly budget to maintain financial stability.

  • Lessen the worry of monthly bill paying and ensure adequate funds throughout the month.
  • Documentation of all fund disbursements.

Ask your representative about Turning Point Payee Services — a payee you can count on.