A 40-bed facility for men and women and is operated under contract with the Federal Prison System and others. The Center functions as a community-based sanction/treatment center for the Federal System. Placements are referred from the Federal Prison System or the Federal Court System. Also, State parolees in the SASCA system are provided substance abuse treatment. The facility is located close to many potential places of employment for residents.

3547 S Golden State Blvd
Fowler, CA 93625
Phone: (559) 442-8075
Phone (After Hours): (559) 905-2250

Services Available
The following services are available at the Fresno Community Treatment Center and through community resource referrals:

  • Food and shelter
  • Supervision
  • Court-ordered studies
  • Job placement
  • Re-establishment of family ties
  • Medical and dental services
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Licensed drug and alcohol abuse program
  • Mental health services
  • Legal assistance
  • Vocational evaluation and counseling
  • Religious activities
  • Special speakers and presentations

PREA Audit Dates:
Auditor Information:
Michael Spicer,
The Outzen-Spicer Group
4974 N. Fresno St. Suite 181
Fresno, CA  93726


Program Philosophy The program seeks to facilitate a healthy and successful transition to self-sufficient community living for each resident. Each resident has an individual program plan. Opportunities and privileges offered are contingent on satisfactory conduct and progress toward completion of goals in the program plan. Each resident is expected to assume responsibility for his/her life and work toward solving personal problems. Referrals Referrals to the program are made through the appropriate Case Manager, Probation Officer, or Parole Agent.