The Residential Multi-Service Center Program is a contract provider of services for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The program is administered by Turning Point of Central California, Inc., a private, nonprofit corporation. Our focus is on assisting the male population of men whose lives have become negatively impacted by a cycle of (AOD) Alcohol and drug related addictions as well as a History of Recidivism through proven Cognitive Evidence-Based Counseling & Treatment. Our Goals, Objectives, and Action Steps are to provide:  comprehensive, pervasive, and personalized behavioral healthcare, that leads residents to a life free of substance abuse while assisting each resident in breaking the cycle of recidivisms in their personal lives.  We strive to provide a quality, compassionate, structured and supportive living environment. Our ultimate goal is for the individual to achieve long term lasting sobriety while enjoying a life of integrity, spirituality and purpose.

1100 Union Ave
Bakersfield, CA 93307
Hours: 24 hours
Phone: (661) 861-6111

Program Philosophy
The Residential Multi Service Center Program seeks to provide a continuum of care for the residents whose chemical or alcohol addiction requires residential treatment. The Program provides a residential component for the individual who is chemically dependent, has attempted and failed previous outpatient treatment programs and requires a therapeutic, structured environment.

Services Available
The following services are available at The Residential Multi Service Center Program:

  •        Substance Abuse Groups
  •        Support Groups
  •        Introduction to 12-Step Program and Philosophy
  •        Class and Video Education
  •        Individual Sessions
  •        Self-Improvement
  •        Family Relationships groups
  •        Anger Management Groups
  •        Criminal Thinking Groups
  •        Step Presentations
  •        Social Activities
  •        Recreational activities
  •        Community activities
  •        Self-Esteem
  •        Aftercare Planning
  •        Goal Setting
  •        Job Development
  •        Life Skills
  •        GED Lit Lab (Parole)
  •        Project Rebound (Cal State University) Referrals
  •        Culinary Training Referrals
  •        Westec Vocational Training

Referrals to the program can be made through the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.