The annual report for the Turning Point of Central California agency provides us with the opportunity to look back and examine what we have accomplished in partnership with those we serve. Our outlook is one of gratitude for the opportunities, and accountability for resources, that have been available to achieve our mission to serve people in need. We are thankful for the many entities that fund the services of the agency. We also value and embrace the many organizations that collaborate with us to meet our common service goals. We highly appreciate the dedication and professionalism of our staff who strive daily to enhance our positive culture of service and accountability, and who bring hope and encouragement to our clients that change is possible and that the future can be better than the past. We are highly gratified by the success of our clients to achieve their goals and for the positive effect the success has on their families and in our communities.

Our top organizational priorities for this year include: (1) Becoming progressively more outcome-focused through attending to key performance indicators and collecting metrics of success in delivery of client centered services. The broad diversity of services provided require that we pursue a variety of measures to quantify our goals and objectives and qualitative descriptors of value to convey how our methods of care and assistance are intended to help affect change in the lives of our clients. (2) Utilize the most current and effective evidence-based practices in our service methodologies, clinical protocols, and operational procedures, as well as in our organizational culture and reflecting in our administrative standards and systems. (3) Increase our use of data to inform decision-making on many levels. (4) Achieve a high level of cost efficiency utilizing available resources to affect change and promote health in mind, body and spirit. (5) Develop strong leaders to nurture the organization, grow the services, and ensure ongoing success in meeting the many future challenges that motivate the agency. We seek to promote this through our staff education, training and professional development programs, all of which aim to show employees, subcontractors, interns, and volunteers, their professional future in a positive light.

The Board of Director’s has provided the support for our continued growth this year as we: (1) expanded Rural Mental Health services in Fresno County. (2) Added the Hampton Court Crisis Home for intellectually disabled youth in Atascadero. (3) Added the Hope House wellness center for mentally ill adults and transition age youth in Oakhurst. (4) Expanded school-based children’s mental health services into more school districts in Tulare County. (5) Expanded the number of residential beds to provide Substance Use Disorder treatment services for state offenders at the Kennemer Male Community Reentry Program in Bakersfield. (6) Expanded employment services for disadvantaged youth in Monterey County. (7) Added the Casa De Robles IV supportive housing program. Despite an expectation of many challenges to face in the coming year, we are confident that we will continue to make significant imparts with our clients and in our communities. As we are looking forward, we can take encouragement from the words of Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

Ray Banks MPA | Chief Executive Officer