The Agency Fiscal operating year July 1, 2016 —June 30, 2017 was filled with overwhelming political and social change and unrest. Not since the 1960s have we seen such dramatic social expression. The media seems too often to be representing partisan politics. This political and social upheaval has had an effect on those we serve, our funders and our funding streams. Uncertainty and insecurity about the future has brought strife in many ways to those we serve. Despite the challenges this has posed for Turning Point, our dedicated professional staff have stayed focused to their mission, finding ways to overcome the new hardships. I am grateful to the Executive leadership for their efforts to keep the organizational ship steering full ahead: Chief Operating Officers Dennis Reid and Scott Hollander; Chief Financial and Information’s Officer Bruce Tyler; Chief Legal Officer Rick Ross; Director of Finance David Lozano; and Human Resources Director Erin Kelly.

Undeterred by the new challenges, the Agency and our programs have achieved or surpassed most of our goals, as you will see in the following Annual report. In addition to these successes, there are a few other achievements I would like to highlight: 1. We have greatly expanded our Fresno County Rural Mental Health Services to provide an array of services to the rural communities in Fresno County. 2. We established the Hampton Court Crisis Home in Atascadero to serve Intellectually Disabled youth of the Tri-Counties Regional Center. 3. We expanded our Male Community Reentry Program in Kern County to serve offenders of the California Department of Corrections who are returning to the community. 4. We were awarded Proposition 47 funds in Monterey County to work with mentally ill offenders. 5. We were awarded Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds to assist Monterey County youth to obtain employment. 6. We are working with the City of Visalia to establish a Transitional Housing program to serve the homeless in Tulare County. 7. We continue to implement new information technology tools to improve our administrative support services.

As we look to the new fiscal year we will seek to adjust to meet the changing societal and behavioral healthcare needs that fall within our mission. We will work with our funders to adjust to priorities and new service needs and funding streams. We will work with our professional associations to advance best clinical and operational practices and good public policy that reflects these. We will work cooperatively with our community and professional partners to achieve mutual goals. We will continue to seek to find new ways to serve those truly in need and to promote strong supportive families. We will seek to incorporate social media into the life of the Agency with the goal of involving our clients and developing support groups. These efforts will help achieve public benefit by helping people develop the skills, motivation and resources to become productive members of society; healthy in body, mind and spirit. We will also seek to follow the advice of the philosopher Plato to “never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.

Ray Banks MPA | Chief Executive Officer